Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Wind and Solar Energy

Peoria Sustainable Technology Park

Concepts and Preliminary Proposal for Solar / Wind

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Objectives for the Technology Park will include construction of high level LEED certification for all buildings, modern storm water retention and wetland preservation, public transport and bikeways.  A major component of the Park will be highly visible use of renewable energy resources including solar, solar hot water for heat, and wind power.

Wind Power

The addition of wind power at strategic locations in the Sustainable Park will have a major impact in producing energy for the prospective  tenants. It will also make a highly visible statement concerning dedication to renewable energy.   Wind turbines in the 50 – 100 Kw category will be placed in areas in compliance to Peoria County and City wind ordinances, including required fall zones.   The County / City may create a publicly owned electric utility to construct the wind power generation facilities, distributing all power to the park buildings and public areas, with any excess provided to Ameren, helping meet their required wind generation goals.

Solar Power

Use of the sun’s energy must be a part of any development focused on technology today.  Solar in Illinois is both highly efficient and a means for a business to fix the costs of one of a significant variable cost today…electric power.

Each of the buildings in the park could be engineered to use a combination of geothermal heating and cooling, augmented by the use of solar hot water for augmented heat in colder months.   This process is highly energy efficient and reduces or would eliminate the need for any natural gas use in the buildings.

Solar PV (photovoltaic) arrays would be strategically placed using a variety of mounting options to include pole mounted arrays and overhead structures in parking areas which provide both shade and power.   The use of roof mounted arrays is also possible, but will be less visible to the public.   Other applications for solar PV would include street lighting, providing the first application of this type in Peoria.  Exterior PV using solar awnings on all south facing windows would provide power as well as reduce cooling needs in the structures.

Construction standards will be developed which focus  on the use of building integrated PV (BIPV) by all architects involved.    Standards for such construction would be developed to assure consideration of solar in the design / build stages of all buildings.

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  1. Using solar energy produces no air or water pollution and no greenhouse gases. Solar energy is predictable and is most efficient when utility rates are the highest.



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