Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Peoria Technology Park


We have interest in major companies prepared to develop new high tech manufacturing facilities in the region. One company plans a 1,000,000 square foot building on 60 acres, employing 850 workers. Another company proposes a major facility with as many as 300 employees.

The large company is receiving numerous proposals from Michigan, Ohio, California and Illinois. It is likely that they will get numerous incentives, with a free or very low cost site and infrastructure.

Peoria has shown them a number of locations in and near the city. They are interested in a site in the Growth Cell.

We are getting proposals from land owners who would sell and gift a site to the City or County. This would lower the cost as a result of the tax donation, and also would bring significant State and Federal assistance in constructing the Pioneer Parkway extension and the new interchange.

1. The City/County work with landowners to get an option on the real estate - $3,000,000 + -

2. City/County requests the State extend the life of Enterprise Zone, which now ends in 2013

3. City and County assist in obtaining Federal and State incentive, grants, & stimulus

4. City and County ask Dunlap School District and Kickapoo Township to join Enterprise Zone

5. Area governments requested to consider a longer property tax abatement to close the deal

6. Request substantial Federal and State assistance in infrastructure and development costs

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